Periodically, Janice Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach will offer a Free Coaching Email Series for your transformation and spiritual growth into more Joy, Peace and Abundance.

The following Email Series is available to you now:

Free 12 week "Transform with WHAT IF…? Email Series

Are you ready to learn how to quickly find your peace of mind and Everyday Joy despite life’s stresses, unresolved situations, conflicted relationships and unpleasant events that are out of your control? Spiritual coach and author Janice Masters is offering you a weekly opportunity to do just that with this unique email series. Every week for three months, you will receive an email with an original Quantum Question: WHAT IF…? to invite your higher thinking and natural inner wisdom to emerge. And each Quantum Question will be accompanied by a series of journaling questions for you to inquire, investigate and shift your thoughts, your beliefs and your personal experience to a happier one.

Through the power of WHAT IF…? you will expand your ability to take control of your thoughts by using the ‘revolving door’ of thought transformation to change the ones that are in effect ‘driving the bus’ and make a more joyful, fulfilling, successful life your NEW reality.

This series is based on Jan’s popular spiritual WHAT IF…? book series and her innovative Home Study Online Course: Transform with WHAT IF…? and it offers you the next best thing to being personally coached by her.

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