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An eCourse is powerful life coaching tool that offers a multi-lesson online independent study course which allows you to explore what is important to you and move toward what you really want. It offers the convenience of experiencing it from the comfort of your home on your own computer.

Whether your intention is soul searching and expansion, or goal setting and achieving, you will find what you are looking for here.

In each eCourse you will find lessons on the topic (some with audio or video) and exercises and questions that you will answer and save to your own personal journal for that course. The purpose of this type of teaching is to give you a personal and direct experience of the transformative messages and teachings of Jan Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach and a select few of her respected colleagues.

You get to choose the issue and topic and use the eCourse at your own pace, in your own time, privately. The lessons, journaling, meditations and more, allow you access to Jan’s teachings, give you a user-friendly format to process your thoughts, beliefs and feelings on that topic, and save your work to return to at any time, leading you to make changes and experience transformation toward more fulfilling results very quickly.

And of course, if you want to make even more rapid progress, Jan Masters is available for live coaching sessions via the phone worldwide, in person in her Miami, Florida office, and via email.

The following eCourses are offered:

Course Name: The Art of Questioning Your Beliefs
Description: This 15 lesson eCourse will take you on a journey of expanding awareness of how your beliefs shape your reality and how to leverage that fact for your highest and best life!
Cost: FREE
Course Name: Who Signed Me Up For THIS? A spiritual look at life's greatest challenges.
Description: Whatever your personal life challenge may be, you can use this powerful eCourse to help you find the spiritual purpose in that challenge and use it for your spiritual evolution and ascension to a higher, lighter, happier state of consciousness.
Cost: 19.00
Course Name: Your Attractor Movie!
Description: This innovative eCourse give you instructions for planning your very own movie and using Law of Attraction to make your dreams come true. It's energizing, stimulating, empowering and FUN!!
Cost: 19.00
Course Name: Energetic Release & Healing For Your Body
Description: This eCourse will help you to bypass the conscious mind to release energies that have been stored in the body as negative thoughts, feelings, memories, etc. Reclaim your body and begin the sacred work of honoring it. Includes audio meditation.
Cost: 19.00
Course Name: Adoption In The Light: Essays & Questions on Miracles & Healing
Description: Essays and exercises to increase your awareness of the spiritual aspects of adoption and the purpose it serves in your life. Audio and video included.
Cost: 19.00
Course Name: Soul to Soul Marketing Home Study Program
Description: COMING SOON!! CHECK BACK! All the content of Jan's popular live TeleSeminar available to you in Online Home Study format!
Cost: TBA
Course Name: Express, Release & CLEAR!
Description: This is a journaling space for members of the *Sacred Self Care for Highly Sensitive People & Empaths* Class to express and let go of the uncomfortable, negative thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences you have in order to clear your Energetic Space and keep it pristine, energy flowing and vibrating high!
Cost: FREE

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