Adoption In The Light: Essays & Questions on Miracles & Healing

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Adoption In The Light:

Essays & Questions on Miracles & Healing

By Janice Masters


This eCourse offers you 10 lessons with powerful articles and essays by Janice Masters, founder of Adoption In The Light.  Jan is not only a Life Coach, but an adoptive parent as well as a biological parent.

Each lesson is accompanied by transformative questions, exercises or meditation, videos, etc. This healing process has been developed by Jan Masters over her 30 years of helping people to transform their lives and the ways they feel about their adoption experiences. She is your online life coach in this course and you are benefiting from her caring, skillful approach and the powerful tools she has been using for decades for successful outcomes for her clients!  This eCourse costs you FAR LESS than the $195 per hour she charges for private coaching and you are getting the same information, wisdom, concepts and tools! (Priceless value!!)





Her heart broke at the sound of his words….


She and her son were in the bedroom, sprawled on the big bed, having one of those wonderful meandering conversations that led then to talking about all kinds of things when suddenly the boy said “I hate being adopted! I only want to belong to you and Daddy.” His eyes spilled over and he reached out---came close--- for a hug.


There were so many questions inside of him: Who am I? Who do I belong to? What does it mean that they let me go? Why do I feel different? Is there something wrong with me? And even…am I worthless because they didn’t want me? And those questions don't go away. They continue to erode at the self-esteem and relationships of the individual. They create ongoing pain.


I created this project, Adoption in the Light out of love for my adopted child and other adoptees....and for birth parents, and adoptive parents. I want them all to know that love comes in many forms and from many different sources.


In my three decade long counseling and coaching practice I have led countless individuals to inner peace and self-acceptance.

  • My most important professional function is to remind my clients that we are all innocent----that we are all magnificent beings. And that we are spiritual beings having a human experience---not the other way around.


  • I remind them to look past the often unskillful actions and judgments and misinterpretations of our personalities, and instead tap into the expansive perspective, understanding, and acceptance of our spirits. 


  • I teach my clients how to release the need to blame and hold resentment---toward oneself and others, no matter how “right” we think we are.  I teach them that we must do these things because if we don’t, we will continue to suffer needlessly---and endlessly.


  •  I teach them about how to reach the point of Spiritual Forgiveness. And that when we do, we will find peace, deep inner peace.  And we will know that there never was anything to forgive.


  • I teach them about the ‘sacred selfishness’ that compels us to choose peace again and again, over all else.


I created The Adoption In The Light eCourse to teach you all this. 

  • I have written and recorded these words, and recorded these audios and videos, and introduce these ideas for all of the adoptees, all of the birth parents, and all of the adoptive parents who suffer with feelings of embarrassment or shame or grief, or thoughts about adoption somehow being “second best”, or wishes that things were somehow different than they are.
  • I have written it for anyone whose life has been touched by adoption in any way and desires to understand it more fully, or feels the need for healing.
  • In this program, you will learn how to reframe life events, expand your understanding of them, and, most importantly, how to heal your adoption experience.
  • I will show you ways to improve your life and how to access more acceptance, peace, love, joy and prosperity.

Benefits of the Adoption in the Light eCourse:

  • You will learn how to deepen your understanding and find new answers to the questions you have about your adoption experience---answers that ring true in your soul.
  • You will learn how to understand why you made your adoption choice before entering this life and what lessons you are destined to learn from it. 
  • You will find guidelines for interpreting your adoption experience---whether you are a birth parent, an adoptee, or an adoptive parent----in the light of spiritual awareness and universal spiritual principles.


The Adoption In The Light program was written as a roadmap to guide you as you travel through your thoughts and emotions and questions about adoption, and to help you arrive at a place of increased peace and forgiveness, decreased anxiety and depression, improved self-esteem, and enhanced relationships.


And I will be your online life coach for this journey. I will be there through essays, questions, videos, audios,etc. supporting and encouraging you and your healing process.


My greatest pleasure will come from knowing that the promise of this program has been fulfilled for you!


Wishing you the blessing of a peaceful heart and encouraging you to SIGN UP NOW!


Jan Masters

The Everyday Joy Coach


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