Energetic Release & Healing For Your Body

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Energetic Release & Healing for Your Body


A powerful and gentle process of reclaiming and honoring


By Janice Masters


If you have suffered and struggled with chronic issues about your body, this eCourse is designed to support you in changing the story you have about your body and your relationship with it.


When a story you have about yourself and an aspect of your life has gone on for a long time, we know that there is considerable energy bound up in it.


You have probably made many attempts to change things with respect to your body. But if you were not addressing the energetic levels of the issue you may have been met with frustration.


There are so many ways to be unkind to your body….and all of those ways are embedded in fear and old thinking and beliefs and agreements. Most of this is unconscious.

This energetic process bypasses the conscious mind, and works with those unconscious beliefs and agreements to release them.


It also works to embed new positive thoughts and beliefs and agreements about your body.


The kind of change you are wanting is change ‘from the inside out’ and this process addresses that.


I know you don’t want to just ‘change the story’ you want to change the reality you live with your body!


The elements in this eCourse are designed for your healing:


·        Description of the kinds of body issues you may be dealing with


·        Journaling exercises

·        Journaling questions

·        Online personal, private, secure journaling area

·        EFT instructions

·        Written script of this original process by Janice Masters

·        Audio meditation of this process by Janice Masters

·        Recommendations for actions to take to assist in your healing



The inclusion of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique is a powerful one. This energy medicine technique works on the acupuncture meridians of the body, the energy centers to release blocked energies for release and healing. Use it with this process.

Use the journaling questions in your private journaling area.


Experience the presence of Jan Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach as you experience this eCourse. Her warmth, caring and connection come through!


Expect healing. Allow for the possibility of a miracle! You deserve it!

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