Your Attractor Movie!

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Your Attractor Movie!


A unique way to use the Law of Attraction

to make dreams into reality


by Janice Masters


If you love the movies like I do you’re going to LOVE this eCourse!!


Once you get clear on what it is you really really really want,


Then you will begin to follow instructions for


Playing with the elements of moviemaking


To create a plan for YOUR movie about YOUR dreams coming true!!


You are the writer, director, casting agent, costume and set designer…


In short…you’re the BIG SHOT!! It’s all in your hands!



Quantum physics theory tell us that every single possibility you can think of ALREADY exists in the quantum energy field. And that to make a possibility into a reality, you must align your own energies and vibrations and visions with it to a very high level.


This eCourse, YOUR ATTRACTOR MOVIE! Will take you on a movie making journey that will increasingly align your energies with your dream!!


You’ll even get to review your own movie!


And what fun you’ll have in this fun and creative process!!


The elements of the eCourse have been chosen carefully


To support you in letting go of limiting old beliefs


That stand in the way of turning your dreams into reality


And embracing new thoughts and visions,

actions, daily practices and 'as if's'

that invite them to come true!!

And to give you the experience of watching the movie of your dream ALREADY COME TRUE, on the powerful, manifesting screen of YOUR OWN MIND!


What are you waiting for???







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