Who Signed Me Up For THIS? A spiritual look at life's greatest challenges.

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Who Signed Me Up for THIS?

A spiritual look at life’s greatest challenges

By Janice Masters


What is the pain in your life about?


Are you adopted?




Struggling with drugs or alcohol addiction?


Learning disabilities?


Chronic illness?


Loss of a loved one?


Chronic financial difficulties?


Difficult relationships?


A handicapped child?




A handicap of your own?





What if you could begin to view any of these life challenges from a different perspective and understand the deeper meaning?


What if you could learn and apply spiritual and metaphysical concepts and principles to your situation and learn why your soul may have chosen this?


What if you could accept that before your birth you/your soul made a life plan for learning life lessons?


What if you knew that the significant people in your life are there by soul agreement to do what you asked them to do for you?


What if you knew that all of your relationships and challenges are based in LOVE?


What if you could stop feeling like a victim of circumstances and events and start feeling empowered and alive?


What if you could begin to see how your life challenge invites you to heal deeper and deeper levels of yourself?


What if you could access forgiveness, peace and much more joy in your life?


This eCourse, Who Signed Me Up For THIS?


will make those WHAT IF’s…? possible for you.


  • It will teach you how to reframe your reality and your response to it.
  • The purpose of this course is to lighten your life burdens…
  • to show you a different way to interpret your life…..
  • to show you a way out of suffering that is based in resistance to ‘what is’….
  • and to lead you to a path of become more peaceful and joyful.

  • and to see your life as a process of growth, evolution and ascension!

Janice Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach


 has created an online spiritual healing experience for you


With the use of:


·        The creative, dynamic, interactive spiritual story of a soul’s journey


·        The opportunity to make the story uniquely your own


·        Journaling questions to encourage your inquiry into what you currently believe about life and your challenge


·        And to open your mind and heart to new higher thoughts and beliefs


·        The invitation to allow new thoughts and beliefs to bring you peace


·        Exercises and suggestions for your centering and awareness




You will feel Jan’s presence in this eCourse as if she is coaching you to higher levels of understanding and awareness about important aspects of yourself and your life. Take this step into healing now!



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