The Art of Questioning Your Beliefs

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Janice Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach is offering this

Free Online eCourse for your transformation and spiritual growth

into more Joy, Peace and Abundance.





“How to awaken to the infinite possibilities for your life”


This is a FREE online eCourse offered to you by Janice Masters,

nationally known spiritual life coach and author of the book

WHAT IF…? Questions to Transform Your Life.


In this online eCourse you will have access to 15 lessons from Jan that will coach you through her spiritual teachings about the powerful process of questioning, investigating, examining, and challenging your limiting thoughts and beliefs and turning them around to a more positive belief system that better serves you and your highest dreams.


You will learn about the Law of Attraction and how it works in your life, along with many other powerful metaphysical concepts and practices.


Each online lesson includes thought-provoking journaling questions, and will end with a powerful, transformative affirmation for that day. You will then have access to questions and exercises to write about in a private online journal area for this eCourse.


You will be receiving expert guidance about how to open to answers from your own heart and innate intuition. Questioning and replacing your old beliefs with higher thinking and your own deep, natural wisdom is essential for your spiritual evolution and to attract the joy, peace, success and abundance you truly want into your life.


You will experience significant shifts in your energy, changes in your thinking, and openings in your awareness of new possibilities with Jan’s coaching and warm encouragement.


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