Living with EVERYDAY JOY!

An 8 week class with Janice Masters

Begins Monday October 27th at 6 pm

Learn to apply spiritual principles and practices to the everyday challenges in your life so that you can achieve more harmony, peace and joy, and use your energies to reach the goals that are important to you and your success.

Some of the topics Jan will cover are: getting ego out of the way, being Here and Now, eliminating resistance to 'what is', using quantum questions, releasing the past, using the emotional ladder to feel better fast, using Everyday Joy to achieve life goals, and much more...

This class will be interactive and fun, spiritual and down-to-earth!

*And you will experience a leading-edge energetic process that will powerfully support you in aligning with and manifesting something you truly want.

Cost: $425.

Location: Kendall/Pinecrest/Palmetto Bay location TBA

Register: 305-273-7736 or email for details and to register.

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