Those WHAT IF....? Books!


A Series of “Everyday Joy Books”

By Janice Masters


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The "WHAT IF...?" Book Series by Janice Masters:


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  • 8.5 x 11 inch full color intererior photos, perfectbound "Art-type book" suitable for your coffee table.
  • 8.5 x 11 inch full color interior photos, coil bound "Art-type book"
  • 6 x 9 inch black and white design without photos
  • Instantly downloadable full color Ebook with photos

WHAT IF....? Questions to Transform Your Life, Volume 1


WHAT IF....? Questions to Transform Your Adoption


WHAT IF....? Questions to Transform Your Conflict




Each page presents an inspired and powerful metaphysical question about the nature of reality and how life truly is, together with a stunning full color photograph by the author (or the photographers she counts among her family and friends) of the natural world. And every one of these beautiful pages invites you to step outside of the box of conventional thinking and into the infinite spiritual potential of WHAT IF....?


These books speak to your soul and remind you that all of the pain, suffering, lack, and scarcity you experience are simply the end result of the way your mind thinks and interprets everything in your life. At the same time, you are offered a way out of those old thinking errors and into new thoughts and beliefs that lead you to joy, peace and abundance, and allow you to go far beyond what the logical mind will allow you to think and believe.


We are in the midst of navigating extremely powerful and rapidly changing energies these days. And for many of us, challenging situations are arising in our lives that often feel like they are pushing and squeezing us to the limits of our emotional endurance. In such situations, we are really being invited to change the ways we view life, and think about things. In fact this is exactly what we asked for when we created our plan to come into this life and grow spiritually.


We realize very quickly as these challenges manifest into our lives that it has become far, far too painful to continue with our old thinking and feeling patterns. It feels like we just CAN'T any more. It feels like we just don't have it in us to keep the old ways going with the negative patterning they hold.


So then these are books to support you in the process of your spiritual evolution, to assist you in your spiritual ascension, to be a companion on the changing terrain of your spiritual path. They are books which hold a key to releasing the old and embracing the new, allowing you more inner peace, and joy, no matter what challenges are going on in your life.


So now ask yourself:


·        Is your thinking preventing you from being, doing, having all you want in life?


·        Are you struggling to overcome depression, anxiety, illness, stress, conflict in relationships, financial strain, job challenges, worry, frustration, parenting problems, uncertainty about your future?


·        Are you holding on to an obsolete belief system that no longer helps or serves you?


·        Do you really want all the true prosperity the Universe has in store for you in all areas of your life? Would you allow it? When?


·        Are you ready to remove all limits from what is POSSIBLE for you? Would NOW be a good time for that?


·        Are your thoughts and beliefs stopping you from progressing toward more happiness?



·        Are you ready.........really, really ready for life the way you always hoped it could be?


·        Would you like to be reassured daily that all really is well, and be reminded to focus on what you want in your life so you can attract it?



Reader comments:


“I am using this book as a journaling tool, writing about one question at a time, and it's been priceless! It really does help keep me high and happy.” R.T.


“WHAT IF....? Has expanded my mind in unbelievable ways. I no longer feel like a victim, but know I have chosen my life path. I think about things differently now, I've done a lot of forgiving, and I love how that frees me!” J.R.


“I open the book to a new page every day and just let myself soak in the wisdom that comes through the question. I am finding that old resentments are dropping away and I feel lighter and happier. And I see how things are changing for the better for me.” R.M.


“Reading the questions over and over makes me feel lighter. And the lighter I feel the more good things happen in my life. In fact I could give you a list of amazing things that I am attracting now!” M.D.



Using the questions in this book will help you to think differently, process deeply, and ultimately drop old limiting patterns, and open and expand into entirely new and healed ways of being that feel so good!


With the quantum questions in the “WHAT IF....?” books:



·        You will create a new, authentic personal belief system


·        You will begin choosing new thoughts that feel better


·        You will open yourself to allow more abundance and prosperity


·        You will immediately begin to feel lighter and happier


·        You will find a way out of anxiety, depression, conflict, stress, uncertainty.


·        Life will never be the same a good way!!


·        You will begin to allow your dreams to come true


·        You will experience so much less suffering and so much more inner peace and true joy


·        And so much more.....



The positive ripple effect of your purchase:


**10% of the proceeds from your purchase of any of the books in the WHAT IF....? series will go to the R.O.C.K (Recovering Our Cherished Kids) Fund which has been established by the author to support programs for emotionally struggling teens/Indigo kids and their families. I am very grateful for your purchase!


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