Janice Masters—Creator, Coach, Author and Teacher of Everyday Joy

Janice Masters is a spiritual life coach, author, and speaker who has worked with thousands of clients to enhance and improve their lives in remarkable ways. What sets her work apart is that not only has she enjoyed a career as a successful psychotherapist, writer and life coach for over three decades, but she has also been passionately engaged in her own spiritual seeking, deep healing, and transformation through all of her adult life with very rich rewards. Jan takes the best of what she has learned and used herself for healing, advancement and transformation, and brings it to her clients and students. She knows how to help others let go of the 'story' of the past, and then move into a more joyful, successful present and future quickly and effectively with her down-to-earth approach to deeply spiritual matters.

And now, Jan’s coaching, eCourses, classes, processes, books, tools, techniques, etc. are available to people all over the world through the exciting, transformative Everyday Joy program and the Internet technology of Transform with WHAT IF...?online.com. Jan Masters works out of her Miami, Florida office, and worldwide on the phone and online.

Email jan@everydayjoy.com or call 305-273-7736 to arrange your time with her.

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