Welcome to Transform with WHAT IF...? Online.

I'm Janice Masters, The Everyday Joy Coach and I've created this site to provide you with eCourses, audio programs, email series, books, classes and other tools to help you achieve your life goals. The resources on this site are like having me as your very own personal Everyday Joy Coach—without leaving the comfort of your home. The life coaching components on this site utilize many of the very things I offer my private clients in their life coaching sessions with me- but in a much more economical and immediately available form.

You will be able to explore, expand, learn, investigate, and make significant progress in whatever area of your life you are wanting to improve using the teachings I've developed over the past 30 years working to help people become their best selves in their best lives. You will find effective ways to eliminate suffering, depression, anxiety, worry, frustration, and failure to achieve your personal goals. And you'll be able to experience much more peace, joy, passion, enthusiasm, happiness and abundance of all kinds using my methods, tools and programs.

The resources you will find on this site have been designed with you in mind. Many of them have come out of the requests and suggestions of my students and clients who wanted another way to work and play with the concepts, processes and tools they experienced in private life coaching sessions or workshops with me. They allow you to focus on areas which are essential for you if you want to grow spiritually and improve any area of your life. And best of all, they allow you a personal, direct experience of my powerful, effective, yet very down-to-earth teachings.

I hope you'll explore the site and find what appeals to you in your quest for personal growth and spiritual evolution toward less suffering and great improvements in your life and relationships!

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